The normal kulula conditions of carriage and terms and conditions apply to all flights. Below are some specific policies that are of importance

» kulula.com Revenue Integrity Procedures
» ticketing time limit (TTL)
» No-Show
» flexible Fare Class (Y)
» duplicate (or redundant) segments:
» fake name bookings
» ADM Policy
» refund policy
» form of payment on refunds
» processing time
» baggage policy
» seat selection
» special needs customers
» onboard menu
» time table / route map
» groups info
» terms of carriage
» Unabridged Birth Certificates
» flying with musical instruments


kulula.com Revenue Integrity procedures

kulula.com applies a series of Revenue Integrity processes to optimise inventory availability.

ticketing time limit (TTL):

Ticketing deadlines are set based on the date and time of PNR creation; these will not change if the itinerary is rebooked.
kulula only accepts electronic tickets in the correct format and the booked name must match the ticketed name exactly.

  • Bookings made more than 72 hours to departure - allow 24 hours to ticket
  • Bookings made less than 72 hours but more than 12 hours to departure - allow 4 hours to ticket
  • Bookings made within 12 hours to departure - must be ticketed immediately

The kulula robot will send ticketing deadline warnings as teletype messages: "ADVISE MN TICKET NBRS BY (time and date) OR RESERVATION WILL BE CXLD" and will apply the time limits. Any active unticketed inventory will be cancelled when the time limit is reached.
Unticketed passengers will be split and inventory will be cancelled.


restrictive fare classes

In the event that a customer misses their flight they will be classified as a no-show; their onward flight inventory will be released for resale and all available restrictive fare coupons (within the no-show PNR) will be forfeited.

Do not rebook a new sector and issue a new ticket within a "no show" pnr or the sector will be cancelled and the new ticket marked as FLOWN

Please note that any unticketed bookings that result in a no-show will incur a fixed fee ADM.

flexible fare class (Y)

In the event that a customer misses their flight they will be classified as a no-show; their onward flight inventory will be released for resale and but any Y class coupons (within the no-show PNR) will NOT be forfeited.

Customers that cancel their flight booking before flight closeout will not be subject to no-show procedures.

duplicate (or redundant) segments:-

This is designed to identify duplicate segments in a PNR and take specific cancellation actions.
The domestic flight threshold is 4 hours so any flights departing in this time frame would be considered a duplicate.
kulula considers city duplicates and not airport specific.
i.e. MN HLA CPT dep 0800 AND BA JNB CPT dep 11:30 would be considered a duplicate


More than 48 hours to departure kulula will allow a
4 hour wait before cancellation.
Less than 48 hours to departure kulula will allow a
1 hour wait before cancellation.
A message will be generated in the PNR -

Duplicate bookings for the same passengers will also be identified by the kulula robot.
Warning messages will be generated to correct the condition.
If not corrected, the robot will cancel the segments or bookings to counter inventory wastage.

fake name bookings:

Unticketed bookings containing fake names will be identified and cancelled by the kulula robot immediately. Violations may incur ADMs.

refund policy

Refunds to be done via GDS as per the fare rules.

Please ensure correct calculations to avoid ADMs.

Q surcharge is non refundable.

Either an admin fee of R150 plus VAT or a cancellation fee will apply on all refunds processed.

Refunding an expired PNR

kulula tickets are valid for 12 months from date of commencement of travel.

An accountable document may be submitted to kulula via BSPLink for refund up to 12 months after the document has expired and the refund will be processed in accordance with the fare rules.

form of payment on refunds

Refunds must always be done to the original form of payment.

processing time

kulula will approve or reject a refund submitted via BSPLink within 6 – 8 weeks

seat selection

Customers may choose their seat when they check in for their flight 24 hours prior to flight departure through one of the following channels using their Vendor Locator:

  • Online at www.kulula.com
  • The kulula.mobi site
  • At the airport using the self-service kiosks or manned check-in desks